Small Business Development Services

Need a hand in shaping your business into the best version of itself? Tamsah Enterprises LLC prides itself among reputable small business consultants. Our mission is to help you evaluate your business’ strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, so you can take the next steps towards growth and development.

Government Contracts

We care about helping small businesses navigate their way through government contracts. If you’re making the foray into the federal marketplace, we’ll make sure you’re well-positioned to succeed.

Our abilities stem from our deep familiarity with the SBA 8(a) Certification. We help small businesses understand how to properly leverage their 8(a) status, to get their desired volume of quality contracts.

As an 8(a) Certified firm ourselves, we’re not just suits in offices telling you how to run your business—we have a real-time, working understanding of the steps we’re coaching! Our on-site experience includes numerous jobs involving military bases and restricted locations, giving us profound insight into how to succeed in obtaining government contracts. We’ve successfully completed contracts all over the Southern United States, and have even performed work in Japan.

Business Development Services

Our core services ensure your business is well-equipped to approach the federal marketplace. With expert business consultants and contract proposal writers, we’ll make sure you you’re on solid footing, no matter what type of contracts you’re pursuing.

  • Consultation in All Aspects of Government Contracts
  • Proposal Writing for Government Contracts
  • Pre-Construction Submittal
  • Planning Paperwork (any plans as required by the government)

For more information about our gamut of business development capabilities or to inquire about how we may assist your business in bolstering itself for responses to contracts and RFPs, please contact our knowledgeable team today by calling 937-593-8209.